SAAED provides various traffic services that will continuously regulate roads and accidents and raise traffic safety through its expertise and utilizing the latest technologies and practices.

  1. Reconstruction of minor traffic accidents
    “SAAED” manages its traffic accident reporting and provides a distinguished services in terms of quality and speed to the public, through the development of the latest technologies and innovative tools, and work is done in coordination with the relevant authorities to maintain smooth flow of traffic by managing traffic at the site and clearing the roads of the broken-down vehicles. SAAED’s traffic officers “help” educate individuals about the causes of the accident and to determine the liable vehicle owner, and a federal database was created to enable stakeholders to obtain all the required incident information.
  2. Managing and organizing traffic during events
    SAAED provides a service to manage traffic during major events in the country, where event organizers request SAAED’s support to allocate patrols equipped with the technologies and tools to manage traffic on the roads and ensure the safety of the public. The services are provided by qualified and experienced traffic officers to manage major events, the most prominent of which are the Formula 1 events In Abu Dhabi and events occurs in the Dubai Trade Center in addition to organizing the traffic in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the holy month of Ramadan.
  3. First responder service
    SAAED offers the first responder service to quickly respond to the incidents that occur on the roads, where SAAED patrol manages the traffic at the event site and its parameters. Through this service, trained personnel and patrols equipped with the latest technologies and safety tools are provided. To ensure the safety of road users and to handle any event or emergency report around the clock.
  4. Escort services and traffic safety
    This service aims to ensure public safety on the roads and serve the relevant authorities to accomplish their tasks where the escort services is required, by providing individuals and patrols dedicated to escorting trucks of heavy loads, escorting the traffic lights maintenance teams while carrying out their tasks and securing roads around the areas under construction.
  5. School transport management

SAAED provides integrated solutions and services to carry out inspection and technical control of procedures and laws related to the jurisdiction. Where it carries out monitoring and inspection operations through a qualified and trained team of professionals to carry out the tasks efficiently and effectively using the latest technologies and innovative tools. The following are some of the projects that Saaed is developing and operating:

SAAED provides technical solutions and modern smart systems in the areas of traffic, security, and inspection systems. SAAED develops and implements the following smart products:

SAAED uses the following technologies in all its products

We are always aligning ourselves with the government directions and initiatives to become an effective part of the integrated law enforcement system of the UAE

TAQYEEM is a service which represent the partnership between the government and the private sector. It provides services of the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) and under its management and direct supervision.
Services are provided according to standards and guidelines of an outstanding governmental service provision and managed by national cadres. TAQYEEM provides four main services to a numbr of 35,000 registered facilities employing about 5 million workers.
Its aim is to provide fast and effective services to customers to guarantee their happiness and enhance labor market stability.

To promote our global leverage in the regional areas. Driven by our passion for quality service we are bringing the internationally trusted support tools.

To deliver diverse choices of reliable and technology-aided solutions. We are consistent in our endeavors to provide our valued customers with the most superior and intelligent business options currently available in the market.
To develop a keen focus for client-oriented services. Our commitment is in building a relationship with our customers that is grounded on trust and satisfaction. We aspire to listen intently to the specific needs of our clientele and deliver user-oriented solutions at an encouraging price advantage.

To attract and retain the best talents and instill a commitment for service. Saaed employs a team of professionals who are made for service and have a genuine dedication in sharing their skills and expertise.

To reinvent ourselves towards excellence. We constantly seek to surpass even our own standards of quality. Always, we are determined to serve our clientele with the most reliable solutions that today’s technologies could offer, and to maintain and forge more partnerships with global experts whose service tools will provide a diversity of quality choices.

About SAAED Services Centers:
SAAED is keen to provide several services through SAAED Services Centers and its branches across the UAE in cooperation with its strategic partners.

SAAED has been able to improve the quality of its services & increase efficiency by applying the one-stop-shop approach, which allows SAAED’s customers to get several services through only one services center, which leads to reducing the customer’s journey and making them happy.

SAAED Services Centers provides the following services:
(TASHEEL services – Tawjeeh services – Registration of labor complaints – Federal Authority for Identity services, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security services – Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship services – Health insurance services) and many other services.