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Dhs500 fine for blocking traffic flow


Drivers who do not move their vehicles off the road in case of minor traffic accidents will be fined Dhs500, starting Dec. 1, in accordance with the decree on traffic rules and procedures, the Abu Dhabi Police announced on Saturday.

Brigadier General Ahmad Abdullah Al Shehhi, Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, called on drivers whose vehicles are involved in minor traffic accidents, sudden mechanical breakdowns or vehicle tyre complications to get them off of the road and park at the nearest safe position.

â€‌ The development aims to maintain the smooth flow of traffic, and for the protection of  vehicles from sudden accidents,â€‌ he added.

He pointed out that many of the serious traffic accidents that have occurred in the past and resulted in injuries are a result of blocking traffic by vehicles involved in minor accidents. “This could be avoided if the vehicles involved in minor accidents are moved off the road to allow traffic movement,â€‌ said Al Shehhi.

Earlier, the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols of Abu Dhabi Police launched a comprehensive campaign in coordination with the Department of Security Media and Saed Company to disseminate awareness messages urging the motorists to move their vehicles off the road and not block traffic after minor accidents.