Saaed is the first and foremost traffic safety services organization and one of a kind research house in the region that provides sophisticated technology and innovative services to manage traffic accidents and road incidents. Our services are tailor made and fit for purpose. Utilizing effective research analytics and historic accident data along with inputs from traffic safety experts resulted in a world class and excellent roads incidents solutions to fulfil the demand of the UAE market in particular, also meeting the highest of global standards.

To achieve our goals we follow international standards, lessons learned and best practices, which have lead to compliance systems that are best, fit for this geography.

Our team comprises of traffic safety experts, technology experts, industry and process gurus, all having years of experience in their area of expertise, who’s mission is researching for a diverse range of smart solutions and designing state-of-the-art systems for traffic safety management.

Our Strategy & Objectives

  • Global Recognition

    Expand the company’s presence regionally, to bring the traffic networks of international developments.

  • Research & Practices

    Develop and implement a system to manage vehicle accidents, and strengthen it to become one of the most respected references in this field globally.

  • Information Technology

    Develop and manage effective solutions to improve the traffic network of Abu Dhabi.

  • Talent Growth

    Nurture home grown specialists and empower them to become internationally competitive in using advanced traffic systems, in line with the Abu Dhabi government’s directives to empower UAE nationals.

  • Zone Categorization

    Establish and manage specialized industrial zones for vehicles and support services, while also providing advanced technical solutions

  • Smart Partnership

    Collaborate with international firms, organizations and research centers to keep Saaed’s systems a step ahead of international developments neighboring countries on par with the most sophisticated traffic systems in the world.


Mission and Values

  1. To promote our global leverage in the regional areas. Driven by our passion for quality service we are bringing the internationally trusted support tools.
  2. To deliver diverse choices of reliable and technology-aided solutions. We are consistent in our endeavors to provide our valued customers with the most superior and intelligent business options currently available in the market.
  3. To develop a keen focus for client-oriented services. Our commitment is in building a relationship with our customers that is grounded on trust and satisfaction. We aspire to listen intently to the specific needs of our clientele and deliver user-oriented solutions at an encouraging price advantage.
  4. To attract and retain the best talents and instill a commitment for service. Saaed employs a team of professionals who are made for service and have a genuine dedication in sharing their skills and expertise.
  5. To reinvent ourselves towards excellence. We constantly seek to surpass even our own standards of quality. Always, we are determined to serve our clientele with the most reliable solutions that today’s technologies could offer, and to maintain and forge more partnerships with global experts whose service tools will provide a diversity of quality choices.