1. To report an accident Contact the police at number 999
  2. Accreditation from police a patrol of “SAAED” will reach you within 15 minutes of your notification of the simple accident to complete the regular procedures
  3. Within 15 minutes “Traffic expert” will complete projection of the accident and define the legal liability by using an electronic system
  4. Result of the accident projection will be explained to all parties. In case one of the parties does not accept it, the whole subject is referred to the police station
  5. In case the report result is accepted by all parties, every part will be given a receipt of accident number, date and number plate. Every part, via this receipt, can check and review insurance company
  6. Report of the accident will be sent automatically direct to concerned insurance companies. In addition, you can get the report here on the SAAED website
  7. The “Traffic expert”, in some cases, will have to ask one of the parties to refer to the police station. Therefore, we recommend to fast-review the station to avoid delay in completing procedures of subject of the accident
  8. We are proud to serve you, wishing you safety at all times