Brigadier Eng.Husain Al Harithy

Chairman’s Message

Traffic accidents have become a major concern for all the members of the society and one of the most important problems that drain the financial as well as the human resources, targeting the societies in one of the most important factors of life which is the human element, in addition to the psychological and social losses that they endure. Thus, there is a strong need to work on finding solutions and suggestions and putting them into effect to reduce these accidents or at least address their causes and mitigate its negative effects.

 In view of the need of managing systems to control car accidents from the UAE market, in particular, and the Gulf region in general as well as the Middle East region, SAAED has implemented systems which meet the requirements of all parties concerned while keeping pace with expected future developments. Integrated by an elite group of engineers and specialists in several areas, SAAED provides technical solutions and modern intelligent vehicle-related systems. SAAED is the first company in the region in its specialization, which provides the accident reconstruction as well as a cost-assessment of the vehicle´s repair. Advanced communication technologies and up to date information and database have been employed in developing the system.

 SAAED´s vision has led SAAED become the first company in the region to provide high quality services and IT solutions in a large number of fields and applications for the management of road accidents, car repair operations and smart security systems.

 We hope that we meet everyone´s expectations and that you always remember SAAED that came to help. 

Engineer Ibrahim Yousef Raml

Chief Executive Message

On behalf of SAAED’s employees, it is my pleasure and honor to present to you SAAED official website, where you can find all the information and services that SAAED offer. Our aim is to interact with the public by mean of offering services that fulfill the public needs, and to receive their thoughts and comments.

We are hoping that this website will be your number one choice and to be the main gateway to all your requirements in the world of automotive industry such as traffic and transport systems in the region.

Our aim is to ensure that the information in SAAED’s website is suitable for all the age groups, cultures and concerns. We have tried not to overlook any important topics included in our website such as: entertainment, awareness and topical forum.

We believe these topics will achieve in bringing the awareness and culture value to the public in a civilized and modern way. The website also contains a forum to support advertisements which can comply with public queries.

You may also put free of charge advertisements about your own business in the spaces where allocated for advertising, such adverts like selling cars or offering transportation services, we have no doubt this service will enhance your business sales and increase your income.